Challenge 1: Coral Reef S.O.S
Challenger: Raising Coral Costa Rica (RCCR)


The Costa Rican based coral reef foundation, Raising Coral Costa Rica has the mission of restoring damaged corals with coral reef propagation techniques. Resilience is as a prime characteristic for the new corals as propagation efforts start with coral fragments from donor colonies that survived the El Niño 2016 event. These fragments are then grown in underwater nurseries until they grow to a size suitable for outplanting on the reef. While most of the activities performed by Raising Coral are related to the propagation of new coral, they are also looking into factors that have degraded the coral reef environment. They need more information backed up with satellite imagery and data models on the actions and events in time that have led to the decrease in health of coral colonies.


This challenge seeks to track the progression of suspended sediments in coastlines and estuaries. A historical annual time-lapse analysis is needed to measure the evolution of the problem. Additionally, an overlay with any other human activities in the vicinity that can be correlated to the increase or decrease in coral reef population should be mapped as well. What else can we glean from a few additional analyses of the satellite data?


Copernicus Data.

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