The ‘Mothership Coder Missions’ is a dedicated open innovation program created by Space4Good, World Startup Factory and Ai Lab One. The missions have the goal of leveraging the recent advancements in artificial intelligence and satellite technologies in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our aim is to build a community of individuals and organizations committed to helping vulnerable landscapes around the world. The Mothership community stands at the interphase of both environmental and digital landscapes. The missions aim to use the layer of data to contribute to the planetary problems that we encounter today.


WorldStartup supports founders in building successful ventures. WS helps businesses, NGOs and governments to grasp the full potential of new ventures in, and outside their organisations. With over 40 investments in startups across the world, the company is now truly an international platform, with headquarters in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Space4Good is a space technology advisory and venture generator. Space4Good helps clients to understand the benefits of earth observation and geographic information systems, identify suitable solutions and develop products through crowdsourced, entrepreneurial community engagement.

AI Lab One is an artificial intelligence development and consulting company based in The Hague. They work and partner with various organizations ranging from startups to governments and from retail to healthcare. In addition to its commercial activities, the team is organizing regular workshops and trainings on Data Science topics and has built the biggest AI community in the region.


We are building a community of stakeholders, vested in these complex global challenges and that want to work as an ecosystem to undertake them. The community is always attuned to results and will have access to the insights and lessons learned within this ecosystem of coders and problem owners. We want to foster a space for knowledge exchange and agile connection.



We have a fun mix of coders and like-valued individuals from all disciplines and countries around the world. We share the willingness to save our Mother Earth. 

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